Remake Monday – Back To The Future

      Welcome to another installment of REMAKE MONDAY!!

Sorry I’m late folks!

This week’s victim is the time travel classic…


For the newbies…

I remake an older film with today’s actors.

I try to keep the original actors in mind for my casting choices

It’s not so much a remake but more of

“What if this movie was made today for the first time?

OK so now that we have that out of the way,

Time circuits set.

Flux capacitor…fluxing…



Marty McFly

Josh Hutcherson


Josh has the look and the chops.

He also has a strong following due to his Hunger Games popularity.

Not unlike Michael J. Fox had back in his heyday.

Doc Brown

Tom Hanks


Before Mr. Hanks became a serious actor,

He made his bones on being the goofy quirky guy.

It would be nice to see him return to that as our

Goofy quirky genius Dr. Emmett Brown.

Lorraine Baines McFly

Emma Watson


She was the first actress to come to mind and after searching around

Just to make sure I haven’t overlooked anyone, Ms. Watson won the role.

For my money she has the perfect look for Lorraine and her talent

Is self-evident.

George McFly

Kevin Michael McHale


He has been playing the quirky nerdy type on

Glee for a few years now and he does it very well.

He also has the perfect look for George.

Biff Tannen

Max Adler


Max has been making a living playing the resident bully on glee.

He has this one knocked.

He has the look, the experience and the talent as well.

That’s it for this week!

Be here next week and make sure to get your white three-piece out of the mothballs…


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